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Meet with forward-thinking marketers and academics, be informed about the latest marketing trends and develop the tools you need in order to understand the South African consumer better.


Membership is held by a company, not an individual, and benefits apply to all employees. Members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A copy of the popular Landscape report that is released annually. This presentation identifies and tracks key trends in South Africa based on market research and comprehensive data from various economic sources. It is essential background information for any South African marketing strategy. (more about Landscape …..)
  2. A copy of the award winning Forerunners documentary that explores the lives of four black middle class people and the complexities around traditional values and consumer behavior. (more about Forerunners …)
  3. Access to a research library that includes past research material.
  4. The right to use our video material, an enormously beneficial teaching tool.
  5. Discounted attendance rates for our presentations.



In addition, members receive their own copies of our presentations used for training and education:

  1. Branded
    Featuring eight case studies and interviews with influential South African marketing people and brand managers, this film aims to help students understand the concept and techniques of brand building in this country. More about Branded ›
  2. MAR:COM – Navigations through marketing communications
    The follow-on to Branded, MAR:COM introduces the fundamentals of marketing communications and how to integrate these into a cohesive marketing message that is consistent across a variety of media.
    More about MAR:COM ›
The annual corporate membership fee of R18 000 (excluding VAT) contributes directly to our projects.

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On receipt of the completed membership form an invoice will be sent to you via email. Membership is valid from date of payment. Please contact Kulsoem Roode with any queries: kulsoem.roode@uct.ac.za

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