Bespoke presentations and workshops

A tailor made presentation or interactive workshop is an opportunity for your team to get to grips with our material in a smaller group. Our presenters enjoy the interactive nature of these presentations and your group has the chance to ask questions relevant to your industry and to your particular marketing challenges.

Our presentations can be personalised to include the most relevant topics for your group and to work within the time that you have available whether that be an hour or two or a full day.


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Customer centric marketing innovation

Innovation has become critical to the success of business and is widely acknowledged at the next frontier of differentiation. Amidst the general buzz around the topic we have developed a half day workshop aimed specifically at marketing teams where we tackle ‘Simple rules for a complex world’ and based on the material from our very successful Masterclass in Marketing Innovation and our own research we motivate and inspire your team towards some fresh thinking. This half day workshop is interactive and ideally suited to a team building or strategy development day.


The new black middle class

For the last decade, the Institute has been at the forefront of research into South Africa’s new black middle class. In 2006 the Institute launched its seminal Black Diamond study, which predicted that Black Middle Class spending power would skyrocket. Since then the segment has been vastly transformed and has a combined spending power of R400 billion a year.
This new order demands new strategic thinking from businesses and manufacturers – from how they create and sell products, to the way they distribute and market them.
Our workshop sessions are designed to help marketers better understand and connect with this segment. More specifically the workshops cover the following:
– A demographic overview of the black middle class segment
– Outline how the segment is evolving
– Segmentation
– Attitudes and buying behavior
– Key drivers and tensions
– Financial management
– Media consumption


The mass market

Is your brand connecting with the mass market?
In 2012 the Institute has released the first of its groundbreaking Majority Report studies shatters longstanding misconceptions about the 21 million South African adults living on less than R5k pm and who account for 65% of all South African households. Our follow up study, which included a comprehensive household diary component, demonstrated that the mass segment is poorly serviced and therefore there are massive opportunities for those brands that are able to deliver real value.
The Mass Market workshop focuses on the following:
How the mass market is changing dramatically and how this is impacting consumption patterns

Understanding the complexities and pressures that characterize the mass market

Buying behavior Highlight insights which will help marketers better service this market
The Mass Market presentation is the culmination of over three years of research. It is based on primary qualitative and quantitative work as established data sources. The presentation also draws on contributions from academics and business leaders.


Marketing 101

Following numerous requests, the Institute now offers a one-day course, which provides an introduction to marketing. Designed particularly for non-marketers, the workshop includes the following:
– basic theories and marketing concepts
– understanding of the SA consumer landscape
– South African based-case studies
Drawing on our own research and specially developed educational materials, the course is led by top academics, including the Director of the Institute, Professor John Simpson.


Top End

The Top End study is the largest and most comprehensive research project ever carried out among South Africa’s wealthiest consumers. The study took a year to complete and involved more than 8000 respondents in massive qualitative and quantitative research.
Top-end consumers were responsible for nearly 70% of all spending power in 2011 and yet they were notoriously difficult to reach. The UCT Unilever Institute partnered with Ramsay Media Research, who had produced a study entitled Cream, to produce groundbreaking research on this sector. The aim was to extend Ramsay Media’s existing sample of 8700 top-end South Africans, including 800 individuals earning more than R100 000 per month, to build an accurate and reliable picture of people earning in the region of R30 000 per month.
With an estimated annual spend of over R300 billion, this group is of vital importance to the health of South Africa’s economy and marketers cannot ignore their influence.



(An overview of the South African Consumer)
The UCT Unilever Institute has undertaken a series of studies over the last three years that have gone some way to quantifiying and understanding these events, strting with a look at the post-recession consumer in a 2011 study entitled Wake Up, Shake Up. This study provided a framework for further studies, that stretched right across the socio-economic continuum of consumers.
For the first time the Institute has combined these studies into a single presentation, complete with key research figures, engaging video, and as always, meaningful insights into our complex and constantly changing consumer landscape. Overview lends itself to 2 or 3 hour sessions or even a full ay interactive workshop, designed to examine what the insights mean for brands or organisations.

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